ECU Tuning

What does ECU Tuning mean?


  • More Horsepower
  • Improved Performance
  • More Torque
  • Improved Fuel Economy


Revo stage 1

A stage 1 ECU remap will give your car a noticeable boost in performance and economy. With no physical modifications required, this popular tuning option is great for those who want to get the most from your vehicles current setup.

Revo stage 2

A stage 2 ECU remap is for those with more taste towards modifying. Stage 2 maps are applied to vehicles which have had performance air filters and exhaust systems installed. The remap will take advantage of your vehicles modifications, allowing even more horsepower, torque and improved performance.

If a stage 2 remap interest you but you do not have the supporting modifications then let us know. We would be more than happy help you put together a package that will transform your car!

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